Ryanair-Dienstleister im Visier deutscher Staatsanwälte / Statement Ryanair

Foto: Simon Pannock

Wie mehrere Medien jetzt berichten, ermitteln deutsche Staatsanwälte wegen eines Verdachts auf Sozialversicherungs- und Steuerbetrug gegen Dienstleister der irische Billigfluglinie Ryanair. Deren Piloten sind oftmals formal als selbstständige Unternehmer nach irischem Recht im Cockpit tätig. Die ermittelnde Staatsanwaltschaft geht aber davon aus, dass deutsches Flugpersonal, das an deutschen Standorten der Fluglinie stationiert  ist, nach dem derzeitigen Stand der Ermittlungen dem deutschen und nicht dem britischen oder irischen Sozialversicherungsrecht unterliege, wird berichtet. Ryanair hingegen beruft sich auf EU-Recht.

Ryanair Statement:


„We were not aware of this search but expect all partners to cooperate fully with relevant authorities. We require all partners to comply fully with social insurance and tax obligations, and are confident that Brookfield does so.

Ryanair uses a mix of direct employee and contractor pilots in exactly the same way that many other airlines do, including Lufthansa, Easyjet, Norwegian, Emirates and Etihad, and Ryanair complies fully with all EU tax laws.

 Ryanair pilots enjoy job security, excellent rosters and pay increases, which is why we have a waiting list of over 3,000 pilots waiting to join. 2/3 of our captains work directly with Ryanair, 1/3 are contractors.

This Ghent University report is total rubbish as it is based on an anonymous internet survey with no evidence or steps taken to ensure that any of the participants were either (a) pilots or (b) employed by EU airlines. This so called “survey” (which could be completed by anyone with a computer) has no basis in fact or evidence. We wrote to the University of Ghent on 3 separate occasions in January and February 2015 to ascertain the validity of this “anonymous survey” and their failure to reply with anything other than falsehoods or silence speaks volumes (please see attached).”

Zitatgeber is Robin Kiely, Head of Communication von Ryanair.